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I recently made a larger batch of wands, for three different customers, all of which were of my own design.  I’ve included pictures of them in this post, but the most interesting idea I’ve been given today is by my friend Robbie, who suggested I give Lightsabers a try.  At first, I thought it a funny idea, however, the more I think about it, the more intriguing I find it.

Lightsabres are unique, as are wands in the wizarding world and so making them would give me variety, I assume and another avenue for my making.

Take a look at the pictures below and see what you think.  I’ll keep you posted! =D


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Hello Everyone! I haven’t posted for a while, so I thought I make three posts tonight.  The first, is to show you the gorgeously delicious handful of wands I’ve made.  I had a larger order from a friend, as her boys are having a Harry Potter party and a smaller order from my Ebay lot.

These three were those commissioned from Ebay.  The Elder wand, Ginny Weasley’s wand and Narcissa Malfoy’s.

The others included Voldemort’s claw-like bone wand.

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After all that heavy angst storytelling over today and yesterday in my Song of the Skylark posts, I thought I’d pop a few new wands on to show you all, just to lighten the mood, also tomorrow, I’m going to post tonight’s dinner, which I’ll mention after the pics below.

My selling wands on ebay is going well.  I’m making sure that my versions of the character wands are all unique by trying not to refer to pictures of those that are available to look at online.  I’m starting to remember what they look like anyway.  Quite satisfying actually! Especially as they seem to be quite effective.

This week, I made Voldemort’s wand, Harry’s wand, Hermione’s wand (which seems to be the most popular so far) and Dumbledore’s wand (aka the Elder wand)

I’ve also made two random ones to match the set.  I’m still relying on the glue gun and papier-mache, although I seem to be ploughing through the glue sticks, so I may have to learn some new techniques if I want to extend my production.

So tonight, I’ve decided to make dinner for my mum and dad and Dominic, my boyfriend. It’s in my brain and I can visualise it, however I’ve never really shown you a whole meal idea on my blog before, so I thought I’d give it a go.  I like my recipes to be simple, clean and nutritious.  I will make it tonight and take photos, then post it tomorrow!

On the Menu tonight:


Stuffed Mushrooms


Chicken breasts stuffed with spinach, mascarpone and pine nuts
served with green beans and sautéed new potatoes


Apple Crumble with Vanilla Custard

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“He’s no monster, Gaston. You are!”
-Belle, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

So if you’ve ever seen Disney’s Beauty and the beast, you’ll remember that the arrogantly nasty Gaston manipulates the villagers into going to the Beast’s castle to kill him!  When my theatre group performed this song in the stage version, we were to rally ourselves with various weapons.  Not wanting to use real ones, I decided to make sone…out of my old favourites…cardboard, inner tubes and papier-mache!  I also made a huge tree trunk for the mob to break down the castle door with, which is pictured below!

It’s a beast! One as tall as a mountain
We won’t rest ’til he’s good and deceased
Sally forth! Tally ho!
Grab your sword! Grab your bow!
Praise the Lord and here we go!

excerpt from ‘The Mob Song’ – Disney’s Beauty and the beast

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Today I’ve been sitting around thinking about what to post and I thought that you readers have been very patiently indulging me in my Harry Potter obsession, I really ought to give you a break from that and show you some of the props I’ve made for the theatre company I am a member of.  Three Towns Theatre company.

As well as meeting lots of lovely people and showing off on stage, I also get the opportunity of satisfying some of the cravings I get to make things.  I love to create and having a purpose really does help me channel the flow in a useful way.  I am forever more bound to having papier-mache, paint and glue all over me and my house and so it may as well be for a reason! =)

The ones I’ve chosen to show you are from a Music Hall concert we did, in which we performed old-time music hall songs, skits and a melodrama.  One of the scenes included some rather gentlemanly ballet dancers performing a piece from swan lake.  very amusing.  Anyway this led to one director asking me for a swan to bring on.  A life-size swan.  And so in some research, I discovered some stories about Mr. Asbo.  A particularly aggressive swan in Cambridge.  So my swan’s nickname turned out to be Asbo.  Below are the stages in his production. (on my dining room table!)

As my friend Samantha had written a comedy bomb into her Melodrama ‘The final Curtain Call’,  I also used my trustworthy old tubes to fashion one of those too!  To my surprise, it did raise a few laughs in the theatre! =)

The other props I’d like to show you are from our production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  The Enchanted rose was one of the props that ideally we would have liked to use electro magnets somehow, as we had to try to make petals fall from the rose at strategic places in the story.  Budget really did stop us from doing that, so I attempted to make a rose with a wire system, where the wire sat in a tube up the rose’s stem and when pulled, released a petal.  My boyfriend helped immensely, making sure that the mechanism worked.  Below are the elements I used to create it and the process, which included having to build a stand to incorporate the mechanism.  If I were to make it again, it would have to be on a much larger scale, because the stand and the glass bell cover thwarted the workings quite dramatically.

I’ll pop a few more bits and pieces on soon.  I mean there’s only so many photos you can look at in one sitting right? !

Watch this space for the Disney-style weapons I made for ‘the mob song’.

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Helloooo peeps.   Just a very quick post to show you my latest three wands.

Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory and another Hermione…I was quite excited to make Fleur’s actually, because it is quite different to any of the others I’ve made.

Its beautiful and quite intricate.  I decided that wire and the ever faithful glue gun were the best tools…

I built up the shape with the glue gun and as the surface was quite rough, I covered it with a layer of paper mache to make it smoother, to ensure the end result would look more like carved wood.

I then used acrylic paint to give the impression of the wood and gave it a layer of PVA glue x 2 as a varnish.  Looks more exciting in the mixed photo.

My photos aren’t brilliant.  For some reason, Hermione’s reflects the flash badly. Grrrrr.  Never mind.  Love you all xxx

Mischief Managed.

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I have finished the three wands I started the other day.  The only thing is, as with most of the work I do, I can’t see past the imperfections.  Especially with Grindelwald’s.  It is very much like a natural twig…

As you can see, the Noble collection use resin and can easily produce a very authentic representation.

I am going to post pictures of my version and ask opinions of you, because I used paper mache and I feel like it looks to much like paper still.

The other two are okay.  I think perhaps I am being too fussy…what do you think?

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